Aces Top 10 Awesome Facts About Coca-Cola!

/Aces Top 10 Awesome Facts About Coca-Cola!

Aces Top 10 Awesome Facts About Coca-Cola!

The Coca-Cola Company of Atlanta, Georgia are one of the biggest companies in the world & producers of the biggest drink brand in the world. Coke, Originally intended as a patent medicine, it was invented in the late 19th century by John Pemberton.

Here’s our top ten interesting facts about Coca-Cola, vending machines & Japan..

  • Coke makes so many different beverages that if you drank one per day, it would take you more than nine years to try them all. Coca-Cola has a product portfolio of more than 3,500 beverages (and 500 brands), including sodas, energy drinks, and soy-based drinks.
  • There are only two countries in the world where Coca-Cola is not sold: Cuba and North Korea
  • You may have heard this story before, and it’s true: The very first Coca-Cola products contained cocaine — but only around 9 milligrams per glass. The drug was touted at the time as a substitute for alcohol and was said to cure opium addiction. But cocaine was removed from Coca-Cola in 1903.
  • The world’s first vending machine was invented in Ancient Egypt in 215 BCE.

As the story goes, the vending machine sold holy water in a temple in Alexandria. Utilizing the principle of levers, the weight of a five-drachma coin would tilt a receptacle inside the machine and a tap would pour water until the receptacle returned to its original position. While the machine itself has not survived, Heron of Alexandria recorded its existence in his Pneumatika

  • The first patented vending machine sold stamps.

In 1857, an Englishman named Simeon Denham acquired a patent for a stamp vending machine he invented. This is said to be the first patented vending machine.

  • Three people tried to sell Coca Cola’s secrets ingredients to Pepsi, but Pepsi reported them to Coke and the FBI.
  •  In the 90’s, Coca Cola had a plan to have their vending machines automatically raise or lower the price of a soda according to that day’s temperature, but didn’t go through with it.
  • Between 1922 and 1933, The Coca-Cola Company was offered the opportunity to purchase the Pepsi-Cola company three times. Coca Cola declined on all three occasions
  • Coca-Cola Freestyle (the touch screen drink machines with a bunch of options) are designed by Pininfarina. Pininfarina is the design house that designs Ferraris.
  • Vincente Fox started at Coca Cola Mexico as a truck driver before working his way up to president of Coke Latin America. Then he became the president of Mexico.

So there you have it, Aces top 10 interesting facts about Coca Cola.

…Now, go crack out a refreshing cold coke and have a great weekend everyone! Cheers!