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Westinghouse Chest 1016-40

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Westinghouse WE-6 Coca Cola ‘Electric Cooler’

“Electric” Refrigerated Chilled Water version called a “Sweet Water Bath” (Sweet Water meant “Fresh” water).
The “Electric” series chilled water coolers used a stainless steel liner, filled with water. The bottles of Coke were submerged in the water, and the water was chilled by an electric cooling system. Westinghouse offered both “Ice” and “Electric” options not just for cost reasons, but because electricity was not yet available to all in the late 1930’s
In 1942, Westinghouse introduced a new body style of Chest Coke Machine (often referred to as the “Bow Out” style cabinet – So named, because from all angles, the cabinet seems to be bowing or bulging outward). It was at this time that Westinghouse began the use of model numbers. Each model number began with two letters, which indicated the manufacture, and the type of cooling (how the machine chilled Coke bottles)
“WE” for Westinghouse Electric cooler

These letters would then be followed by a number, which indicated how many “Cases” of Coke bottles that cooler held, (3 for three cases, 5 for 5 cases, etc.)

This one is a WE-6 and will hold six cases

The “WE” series with a (new cabinet design), featured a glass window with chrome trim, to view the cold bottles inside being cooled by the water, without having to open the lid. A lighted window was optional (this machine has that option) The new cabinet style also featured an internal bottle opener and extra deep cap catcher drawer. This was for a sleeker look
and to help avoid spilled caps when emptying. The cap catcher drawer also concealed the drain hose.

The WE-6 that we offer here is in fantastic condition with a nice patina.

It is entirely intact with the, often missing, cap catcher drawer.

The unit requires rewiring and there is NO warranty or guarantee that the refrigeration system is working.

As it is, this chest would make a fantastic beer and beverage cooler if it were filled with ice – imagine this at your BBQ or wedding !

45” wide x 28” front to back and 36” high

It is on castors for easy movement and the hatches lift on either side or can be lifted off entirely.

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