Type A2 American Flying Jacket #033

/Type A2 American Flying Jacket #033

Type A2 American Flying Jacket #033

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Manufactured by the AeroFlight Manufacturing company it is a size 44 chest
In unmarked, unworn (except for pictures) condition

Features a hand painted 'Blood Chit' on the back – as used in the 'CBI' China – Burma – India theatre of war – it reads “This foreign person has come to China to help in the war effort. Soldiers and civilians, one and all should rescue, protect, and provide him with medical care”

On the front are hand painted 'yellow camels' which indicate the amount of 'missions flown' by this pilot

The badge on the left hand side featuring the naked lady laying on her back is a representation of 'the world' and a compass with her legs pointing at North

One of the badges on the sleeve is the USAAF 12th Airforce insignia, the other is a further CBI badge

This jacket is a one off, the artwork is superb and to the highest quality featuring individual pieces of leather hand painted and hand sewn

The jacket is made to the very highest standards, 'Aero' obsess over the design detail and it shows