Cavalier CS72b Vending Machine #1016-03

/Cavalier CS72b Vending Machine #1016-03

Cavalier CS72b Vending Machine #1016-03

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1950's machine vends all of the glass bottle sizes available, coke, beer, any fizzy drink even 1/4 bottles of Champagne!

Beautifully restored inside and out to a very high standard

It will hold up to 72 bottles and vends with a 'quarter'

Ice cold refrigeration that is adjustable, this machine runs off the UK 240v electrical system through the 110v transformer supplied

Vends perfectly, cools perfectly, looks amazing BUT during transportation the machine was dropped on its left hand edge

The chassis is kinked below the door, this has not in anyway affected the door or the sealing of the cold cabinet, neither has it affected the cooling or the vending operation & there is no damage to the paint

The kink is purely cosmetic and has been 'missed' several times by different friends but none the less it is there and can be seen when looking square on as the chrome trim below the door is no longer central

It could be repaired but would require the machine to be disassembled, the chassis straightened and then the carcass painted

The other 'item' not working (and can only be a loose connection) is the 'Vend' light does not currently light-up.

H:146cm W:67cm D:53cm

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